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Fjord rescue knife by Thoriam Tactical

Fjord rescue knife by Thoriam Tactical

SKU: TT-Fj-0001

The Fjord rescue knife gives you an invaluable advantage in an emergency. An indispensable piece of equipment for self rescue and the recovery of loved ones. Its careful design, compact size and light weight are sophisticated for instant access in emergencies. The Fjord Rescue is MORE than a plain looking blade. It doubles as a multi-tool and has an integrated glass breaker.

  • Technical specifications

    •  Rescue Teeth: The rounded teeth are perfect for sawing rope, straps, fabric, seat belts and small branches... for your campfire.
    • Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel: Whether you ride in wet or dry environments, your safety is YOUR top priority. Peace of mind knowing you'll always have a clean, super-sharp edge.
    • Soft Tissue Protection: A rounded knife tip protects against accidentally stabbing soft tissue in a rescue situation.
    • Integrated hex key
    • Glass breaker and pocket clip
  • scope of delivery

    • Fjord rescue knife
    • Tool Bits: 3 x Flat Head, 3 x Phillips, 3 x Allen Wrench. Each bit type is available in three sizes. (Small, Medium and Large)
    • Magnetic Bit Slot: Magnetically attaches the tool bits
    • Sheath: Your sheath has a storage compartment for your Fjord rescue knife, 9 tool bits and a belt loop.
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