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Support Our Heroes

what is a hero  

A hero or heroine is a person who has achieved a special, extraordinary achievement.

Heroic abilities can be of a physical nature, for example strength, speed, endurance, etc., or of a spiritual nature, for example courage, self-sacrifice, fighting for ideals, virtue or  willingness to serve fellow human beings be .  

Please don't get us wrong, we love Batman , Iron Man , Wonder too  W oman and Co.  but these are unfortunately fictional people and characters.

True heroes don't have epic names or wield shields of indestructible vibranium.

Our heroes are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.

They are people, like you and me, who mostly help unknown people, always willing to give everything to save one or more lives.

Unfortunately, the recognition of these heroes has slipped too far back in recent years, that's why  we have made it our mission to support and honor our heroes.

With every purchase of a product from the " SUPPORT OUR HEROES " collection, we donate 10 percent to organizations such as volunteer fire brigades,  

the soldiers relief organization or the sea rescuers.

Image by Bjørn Nielsen
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