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The Full Story

It all started in 2013 in a KFOR mission.

There I came across soldiers who wore a so-called "Suvival Paracord Bracelet".

I liked this one and it It didn't take long for me to get a bracelet like this too.

But I quickly realized that this didn't live up to its name. This bracelet was supposed to support the wearer in difficult situations, but unfortunately I had to realize that it would make the situation more difficult.  

...below I will explain why...


structure and theory

.... a paracord survival bracelet consists, as the name suggests, of highly resilient paracord (parachute cord).

The paracord is knotted into a bracelet using a special knot technique.

Since this requires a few meters of paracord,  under certain circumstances, the wearer can now use the dismantled bracelet to fix a tent, connect branches or other objects to one another, construct a temporary fishing rod,  in the worst case  even stop bleeding, the possible uses are not endless, but enormously versatile.  

At least in theory...

problems and solutions

.... but in practice it looked a little different...

The knots of the said bracelet should be easy to undo in an emergency in order to be able to carry out the activities just mentioned, if this is not possible,  the food ran away, the rain started or the comrade on the side bled to death.  

So for many years I thought about how to improve this so that the wearer really has a  able to react as quickly as possible in dangerous situations.  

You can see my result here in the shop..

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