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Goldenhorn - Rocky - hunting knife

Goldenhorn - Rocky - hunting knife

SKU: Out-Roc-01

The - Rocky - by Goldenhorn


This knife was also made in 100% finest handwork.

The leather sheath has an integrated pocket to take the sharpening stone with you.

The full tang blade, like the Kilimanjaro, is made of N690 Böhler steel.

Unlike its spur, the handle of this knife is made of the finest walnut wood.


Each - Rocky - is unique because, as already mentioned, it is entirely handmade!

  • Technical specifications

    • Model: ROCKY Full Tang

    • Handle material: walnut wood

    • Total length: approx. 25.5 cm

    • Blade length: about 13 cm

    • Steel : N690  4.5mm

    • Hardness: 60 HRC

    • Weight: 246g

    • Total weight: 423g

    • Magnesium Fire Starter: Yes

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