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Outlast Multipurpose Wallet (O.M.W)

Outlast Multipurpose Wallet (O.M.W)

The Outlast multi-purpose wallet is the vegan alternative to our TT Stoic leather wallet. The O.M.W also has the ability to safely store cards and money in your trouser pocket or in the Outlast shoulder bag. But it also gives you the option of storing a pencil or pen, a small notepad, a lighter or a small pocket knife. Make your own little EDC package out of this wallet. Have everything with you to cope with the given situation.


The O.M.W is supplied by Outlast with a matching pencil (black color / OUTLAST imprint in white) and a Rhodia notepad (DIN A8).

  • Technical specifications

    • Material: Oxford / cactus leather (vegan)
    • Dimensions: W x H = 7cm x 10.5cm 
    • Dimensions open: W x H = 14cm x 10.5cm
    • Weight: 27g
  • scope of delivery

    • Outlast Multipurpose Wallet (O.M.W)
    • 1 x pencil (black / imprint white)
    • 1 x Rohdia notepad (DIN A8)
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