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Paracord Survival Bracelet - QRR (Quick Reaction and Rescue)

Paracord Survival Bracelet - QRR (Quick Reaction and Rescue)

Our QRR (Quick Reaction and Rescue) paracord  Bracelet is made from 750 Mil-Spec Paracord for even more tear resistance and stability. This Mil-Spec paracord is 100% compliant with Mil-C-5040H military specification. Mil-Spec indicates that a product is designed to meet the essential technical requirements of the US Department of Defense. It describes the manufacturing process and raw materials used to create military-grade parachute lines. Mil-Spec paracord must pass rigorous testing from raw material to finished product in order to be certified for use by the US military.


With this bracelet, too, we have made it our task to guarantee a quick opening.  To open the paracord bracelet, pull out the inner core with a tug, remove the top balloon and pull the two exposed cords apart, creating up to 4 meters of paracord. The paracord cord consists of 11 core threads, these can be used for sewing work, for example  or used to stretch a tarpaulin. The possibilities are very diverse.


Due to the built-in cord locks in gun metal look, the adjustment options for different wrist circumferences are given. From 13.5cm - 20cm wrist circumference  is it possible to wear it


Of course, this bracelet including our OUTLAST storage box and our army patch is also available as a gift box.

  • Technical specifications

    Mil-C-5040H Features:

    • Mil-C-5040H  - Paracord 750 type  IV
    • Approximate diameter: Ø 4 - 4.5 mm
    • Weight: 9 grams per meter
    • Certified minimum tear strength: 340 kg (750  lbs)
    • 100% nylon yarns of the highest quality
    • Structure of the sheath: 32 strands
    • 11 core threads, each made of 3 twisted threads
    • Rope Construction: Kernmantel
    • Manufacturer Identification Tag: Yellow/Black

    Nylon Features:

    • Density: 1.14  g/cm³ (not buoyant)
    • Approximate melting point: 265°  C
    • Elongation at break (stretch) approximately: 30%
    • Mildew and Rot Resistance: Excellent
    • UV resistance (rating scale from 0-5): 4
    • Wet nylon loses 10-15%  its tear strength
    • Approximate water absorption: 5-10%
    • Washable at 30  °C  (vivid colors are more prone to fading)
    • Manufactured by Certified US Government Contractors

    IMPORTANT: Not suitable as a climbing rope!

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